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We are a Florida based business. The owner is a third generation Floridian. We deliver and ship fresh Florida & Imported Seafood, Beef, Poultry & Lamb directly from the docks and butcher, to our customers’ door. Our target audience are High- Quality Seafood and Meat loving Consumers, Restaurants, Luxury Yachts, Caterers and Markets. We SPECIALIZE in only freshest and most high-end products. . We sell only the freshest products. We offer FREE delivery, portion packaged product, to your door. We maintain high service and product standards. We are committed to keeping our customer satisfaction first.

Our Story

As avid seafood consumers themselves, the founders of Florida Fresh realized a major issue in the local seafood market: Short of going to pick up local seafood in person, no one offers same-day local delivery. Second, no one ships fresh Florida seafood next-day, nationwide.

The founders of Florida Fresh established the company with a few goals in mind: First, to deliver fresh and high-quality Florida seafood, locally, same day; Second, to focus on the customer experience so everything about our products is impeccably presented for our customer’s enjoyment, and Third to fill the void in the market for lack of fresh Florida seafood delivery nationwide.

Our Story

Our Solution

Florida Fresh focuses on consumers, delivering directly to our local customers’ door, all year round. Our shipment orders are always shipped directly to customers in temperature-controlled containers. When you place an order, it moves quickly through the supply chain to ensure maximum freshness. Just by placing your order through our simple online process, you can have fresh Florida seafood delivered directly to your door year-round! We encourage you to place your order with Florida Fresh today!

Florida Fresh focuses on our customer’s experience:

Since we focus on consumers, you are our number one priority when you buy from our company. You can rest assured that your order will receive the attention that it deserves. As a result you will be getting the best and freshest seafood that Florida has to offer.

Florida Fresh’s local seafood is always Freshly-Caught: We only acquire seafood that is pulled from the sea by reputable fisherman who go to great lengths to keep what they catch fresh. This seafood is then immediately secured in our temperature controlled holding area after arriving on land so that it can be sent out to customers as quickly as possible. We continue to ship our products, flash-frozen, year round by using our special process that continues to preserve their freshness throughout shipping. In this way, you can always taste the freshest Florida Seafood available in the market.

Florida Fresh is the only company that specializes specifically in delivering fresh Florida seafood directly to our customers, same day (in selected markets) and overnight nationwide. Our products are sourced using sustainable practices, and we offer our products year round. When you order from us, there are no middlemen who drive up prices - we sell directly to our customers. Therefore, you get excellent value and the freshest local seafood Florida has to offer!



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